School Visits

Sharing my love of books and my experience as a writer is one of the best parts about the author journey. My presentation can be adjusted as appropriate for age and size of group. Topics I cover include:

  • Describing my novel LOST BOYS I talk about the writing process, how I developed the characters and themes, my inspirations for the book, the process and importance of researching when writing a story outside ones direct experience and the need for diverse stories. Ideal for grades 5-8.
  • Why Historic Fiction isn’t boring – How is historic fiction different than history or biographies? How to use research to tell a good story. What do you make up and what has to be “true?” Do you develop characters differently in historic fiction than in “regular” fiction? Ideal for grades 6 – 8.

I’ve led writing workshops and taught creative writing. Please get in touch with me using the form below to see how we can design a visit or event that fits your school’s or group’s needs.

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A complete Activity Guide that contains material suitable for teachers, librarians, and book clubs will be available soon.

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